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Eagles Rest & the Hill family

We're a family owned, small-batch winery from Pokolbin, Hunter Valley. In 2006 we found a very special parcel of land for sale high up in the foothills of the Brokenback range - the Maluna vineyard. It was a wild and exciting place, planted to 50-year-old Chardonnay, Semillon and Syrah.

It was our passion for wines that have purpose, that capture a sense of time and place that ignited our desire to start a label. When we first stumbled upon Maluna, we knew that it would be our goal to tell it's story through wine. We named our label after the Wedged-tailed eagles that already nested there - it only seemed fitting. 


We tell our vineyard team to always farm with love. Machinery is limited and many tasks are done by hand. We're passionate about finding natural solutions to problems and minimising our impact on the surrounding environment. We continue to learn and improve with each new vintage.


We hand-craft small-batch wines exclusively from our Maluna vineyard which aim to capture a sense of time and place. Each of our wines is an expression of the land, the climate and the vintage. This means that no two wines will be the same and it's a concept we fully embrace in our winemaking. 


Farming and hand-crafting wines from our vineyard is our passion and purpose. We have no desire to grow into a large industrialised winery. We aim to keep it small and intimate, maintain the quality and keep the vision and the passion alive.