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Not much to see here... honestly. No fancy cellardoors, huge wineries or six-figure marketing budgets. Just half a dozen blokes, a few tractors and a bunch of passion for what we do. We operate under the premise that less is more and it's attention to detail that matters. We don't follow a viticulture pocket manual and instead allow the vineyard and the vintage to be our guide. We leave economic buzzwords like efficiency and productivity at the door and put the health of our vineyard and microcliamte first. No shortcuts, no compromises. 

Gerald Williams

General Manager

Gerald took over the reigns of Vineyard Manager in 2015 and hasn't looked back since. His favourite vineyard techniques are ancient ones, used to solve problems long before the invention of chemicals. He lives and breathes this stuff and is passionate about learning and improving the vineyard with each new vintage. 

Mitch Cox

Assistant Manager

Mitch is our current assistant Vineyard Manager and has the longest standing tenure with Eagles Rest at an incredible 10-years. All that experience really does show. He knows the vineyard better than anyone and is an absolute weapon on the tractor. He could probably do the rounds blindfolded if he tried.