Premium Red's Christmas Bundle (33% off)
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Premium Red's Christmas Bundle (33% off)


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Premium Red's Christmas Bundle

A curated selection of our two high-end premium Shiraz - the 'Shed Block' Shiraz and the 'Maluna' Shiraz. Each pack contains three vintages of both Shiraz spanning five years so you can taste through the development of each of the wines in the cellar. 

Shed Block Shiraz

As it's name suggests, the fruit that makes up the 'Shed Block' Shiraz comes entirely from the 'Shed Block' on the 'Maluna' Vineyard. Situated in the South-West corner of the property, the 'Shed Block' occupies some of the oldest vines in the property and is renowned amongst winemakers throughout the Hunter Valley for its powerful pungent fruit. To truly honour and encapsulate the flavours and aromas of this particular block, the 'Shed Block' Shiraz is usually crafted with minimal oak influence to accentuate the deep, red forest-berry notes and flavours. These flavours continue to develop once in the bottle adding more depth and complexity to the wine over time.

Maluna Shiraz

The 'Maluna' Shiraz or winemakers reserve represents the best selection of fruit from the 'Maluna' vineyard. While the north-east facing 'Old Hill' vineyard block typically contributes the majority of fruit that goes towards the 'Maluna' Shiraz, other blocks such as the 'Shed Block', 'Dry-farmed Shed Block' and 'New Hill' are sometimes included if the fruit has excelled in a particular year. By blending together wines from different blocks with unique flavour profiles, we can craft a complex wine that truly expresses all the flavours and aromas from around the Maluna vineyard. As our premium Shiraz, it typically enjoys up to 17 months in french oak which adds depth and complexity to the wine. As a youngster, the Maluna Shiraz is a powerful, potent wine and with time in the cellar will soften and mature into a complex aged Hunter Shiraz. 


Pack contents:

2009 Eagles Rest Maluna Shiraz - RRP $79.00

2010 Eagles Rest Maluna ShirazRRP $79.00

2014 Eagles Rest Maluna Shiraz - RRP $79.00

2010 Eagles Rest Shed Block Shiraz - RRP $69.00

2011 Eagles Rest Shed Block ShirazRRP $69.00

2014 Eagles Rest Shed Block ShirazRRP $69.00